Small Dough Bowl Soy Candle - Whitewash

Small Dough Bowl Soy Candle - Whitewash

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Apple Cider  - A true, ripe apple fragrance combined with bright fruit notes and just a touch of spice. This fragrance is infused with natural essential oils, including cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange, and cedarwood.

Autumn Leaves  - A naturally fresh, woody smell of leaves in the brisk autumn air, this vibrant medley of birch and maple leaves, with pomegranate, juniper berry, and orange blossom added to the blend, brings the glory of fall to you!

Backroads - A fresh woody bouquet with tops notes of ozone, fresh leafy greens, lemon and apple combined with bright cedar, jasmine, lavender, violet and lilac highlighted with a soft musk.

Blueberry Cobbler - A luscious bakery accord leads to a blend of wild blueberry, brown sugar, sweet vanilla bean and warm spiced cinnamon are at the heart of this fragrance.

Cashmere - starts with sweet top notes of vanilla sugar sprinkled over a bed of rose, jasmine and vanilla orchid and finishes with a smooth musk and cedar wood base.

Cinnamon Buns-  fresh, warm and buttery cinnamon laced yeast rolls topped with an irresistible sugary icing.

Coffee House - Fresh roasted coffee with whispers of creamy butter, coconut flakes, vanilla beans and maple syrup. A slight hint of roasted nuts complete this fragrance.

Country Kitchen Warm and cozy all wrapped up in one great smelling scent! Top notes of green apple, peach and pine needle leading to a spicy cinnamon clove and thyme ending in sweet balsamic spice.

Cozy Home - fills your home full of warm, housewarming spices with a burst of fresh apple.

Flannel - is a warm blend of bergamot, mahogany and a delicate veil of musk. 

Harvest - This scent is a strong, multipart mix containing cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and all spice that says 'welcome home' through and through.

Huckleberry - A wild Montana berry, very fruity and sugary sweet. 

Oatmeal Milk + Honey - Soothing, warm oatmeal with a sugary note of fresh honey and light almond. 

Orange Clove - This robust home aroma starts with top notes of plump, juicy orange,  apple,  raisin and peach. The heart blends clove, cinnamon and tea leaves joining together with a sweet spicy musk.

Pumpkin Vanilla Cream - Pure fall bliss! Delight in this autumn treat of creamy vanilla, fluffy marshmallows and spicy notes of pumpkin pie.

Sage + Citrus - Top notes of winter sage and fresh citrus leading to middle notes of cedar, carnation, violet and lavender ending in base notes of patchouli, sandalwood and musk.